Vitality Works

This project investigates how a demand for alternative options from a GP rather than prescribed medication paved a way to a better, more holistic way of coping with mental health issues.


The research investigates how design can raise awareness in strategic open spaces, for mental health patients in GP practices. It will describe and interrogate the ideas behind the work of alternative regimes for coping with mental health, such as the ’10 Steps of Characteristic Resilience’ model by Herstmonceux Integrative Health Care. The research will also show how the ’10 Steps of Characteristic Resilience’ model and the ‘4 Principles of Resilience’ can be implemented in areas such as Schools and Health Centres.

The initial concept was always to use colour, backed by research of colour therapy theory. Colours that would evoke a certain emotion and therefore create an action. Creating different patterns and colours in each chapter that would remain consistent throughout the book, thus creating a theme and colours that seemed to have the most effect on people.


This project is one part of a much broader, continued project, which impacts society in a positive and holistic way.


Vitality Works


Brand Identity, Publishing, Editorial